Second Chance Foundation (SCF) provides financial aid (in the form of a scholarship) to individuals suffering from Substance Use Disorder (SUD), colloquially known as addiction, seeking treatment they may otherwise not be able to afford. There are many individuals who do not have the means to pay for the cost of treatment, but desperately need it. In doing so SCF is committed to both helping the individual, and creating a safer community by removing the addict off the street, and placing him or her in a treatment center where they can get help.

Each individual applying for a scholarship must first fill out an application, and consent to a standard set of checks. In order to facilitate the process, all applications are first vetted via the volunteer staff who pre-screen the applicant to make sure they are indeed in need of financial aid and committed to recovery. If they are deemed a good candidate they are then interviewed by the board, who must approve the candidate by a ⅔ majority vote in order to grant the scholarship.

The scholarship pays for 3 months (may be extended by board approval) of recovery at a treatment facility deemed appropriate based on the level care required by the applicant. This is the crucial first three months of recovery. It provides a stable foundation on which the recipient can start the recovery process, and in doing so, eventually take over the financial responsibility for paying for recovery. the board can on a case by case basis extend the scholarship if it is deemed the candidate needs more time to take over the financial responsibility of paying for their own recovery.

Second Chance Foundation also vets the facilities that it sends individuals to on a case by case basis. Once a scholarship has been granted, SCF, with the aid of an assigned volunteer staff or board member, monitores the recipient progress to make sure the recipient is receiving the services they need to recovery, and more importantly the recipient is doing the work he/she needs to do, in order to get recovered.

SCF does not in anyway select, recommend, or promote one facility over another. The scholarship recipient chooses the facility they wish to attend. However, SCF does vet the facility to make sure it aligns with recovery best practices. The facility must be able to provide regular updates to the volunteer or board member assigned to the scholarship on the progress of the recipient in order to verify that the recipient is receiving the services he or she needs, and that the recipient is indeed working towards recovery.


Making sure treatment facilities have the necessary programs to properly administer rehabilitation is an important function. There are many services such as yoga, meditation, art, music and other such activities that have been proven to aid greatly in the recovery process. By help treatment facilities which do not have such activities, to make them part of the program, SCF greatly improved the chances of an individual getting recovery at that facility.

Grants to facilities do not have a formal application but are instead documented in a standard project proposal. These project proposals are treated very much like the scholarship program in that they are first vetted via the volunteer staff, and only those that show a viable project are presented to the board for approval.

SCF does not select specific organizations to give grants to, any facility whose purpose is to aid individuals and families in recovery may apply for a grant to better the services it provides. Each grant application is assessed for feasibility, long term cost, benefits, and traceability on a case by case basis, and all aspects of the project are documented and available for review by the board.

Grants are not the primary function of SCF, and as such are awarded rarely, with most of SCF funding going directly to its scholarship program (grants to individuals).


In addition to our annual gala event, from time to time, SCF holds events designed to raise awareness, and sometimes we just want to have some sober fun!! Please don’t hesitate to checkout our Facebook page for the latest.